Would I date you?

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I made these to see what type of ppl I match with. I was boring and I thought about doing these. I would love if u try this cause I would love to know what type of ppl I match with.

I really hope u enjoy this. And don't forget to comment when u Finnish. Make sure u fallow me on my IG: gertrudeagb3178 Snap: gmassan Facebook: Elisa Choco

Created by: Gertrude

  1. Are u a male or a femal
  2. Are u under 5"6?
  3. Do u like girly girls
  4. Where do you see ur self in 10 year
  5. Where would u take a girl on a first date
  6. U prefer girls with
  7. Are u under 15
  8. you are
  9. hair color
  10. what is ur favorite color
  11. What type of girl do you like
  12. Would u date a girl that don't know how to cook

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