Would I date you?

So, this quiz will show if I would date you. Most likely, if your a nice guy, yes. If your a jock or bad boy..Ok..First peace of info..Please DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF I WOULD NOT DATE YOU!!

PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED BY YOUR ANSWER! It's okay..We can just be friends, I'm sorry if you got a bad mark..(although many people here don't like me :P)

Created by: EmeraldBeem

  1. First of all, my sexuality is for both genders, as in if you were my gender (girl), and you want to date me..I will accept..If your a guy, then same..I will accept!
  2. What is your hair color? No effect on answer, accept for Dyed.
  3. Eye color? No effect on answer.
  4. Thoughts on people being bullied?
  5. Your stereotype?
  6. When you have a problem, who do you go to?
  7. You and your GF/BF are going to watch movies, you get choose the movie, what type of movie do you choose?
  8. What is the movie rated?
  9. It's your GF/BF's B-day! What do you do for her? (In these selections)
  10. Bye!

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