Would I date you? And would you date me-I'm a 14 yr old pan

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Hii my name is Celeste (full name if I choose you) or Kokoro(my fave japanese name) I'm a 14 year old pansexual girl. I'm looking for a lover so if you are single and are in the age range from 12-13 or 14-16 (any gender) please take my quiz to see if maybe (if I choose you) we can get to know each other!

So if you are wondering if I'm allowed to date yes I am and my mom knows I'm doing this quiz. Also I did a similar quiz to this one but I can't find it anymore so I remade it and made even better!

Created by: celesteramos14
  1. (5 questions will be about you and 5 about me) How old are you?
  2. Are you female, Male, or Non binary? (I'm pansexual so I'm looking for either)
  3. Are you open to only chatting through email? (I have permission to date but no socials)
  4. What's your fashion/life style? (won't effect result)
  5. Are you loyal and can I trust you?
  6. (now a few abt me) Are you open to date a alternative girl? (I'm part of the subculture Goth/pastel goth)
  7. If we ever meet will you hug and cuddle me? (I like cuddles and hugs so I need to know if you are open to that)
  8. Will you chat me and call me daily? (when you have time of course)
  9. Can we give each other cute nicknames? (I love giving nicknames to people I love/are special to me)
  10. Do you support BLM, ACAB (you don't have to support ACAB but I do)?
  11. Will you comment?

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