Would I Date You? (GIRLS ONLY)

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So would you date me? I’m Mitch and I live in Australia. I’m a teenage boy and I guess I behave myself in school. I like to play rugby league and I’m musical.

If you don’t want to date, we could still be pen-pals! I am looking for a girlfriend, but someone to be just pen pals with would be nice too! Now just take the quiz!

Created by: Mitch
  1. First things first. I’m Mitch and I’m Australian. I’m musical and I play rugby league. I’m in my teens. (See photo. Sorry I’m in school uniform). Am I hot?
  2. Would you cheat on me?
  3. Would you be worried about long distance relationships?
  4. Do you have a boyfriend?
  5. Age?
  6. How many long-term boyfriends have you had? (Like at least a few months)
  7. What’s your Hogwarts house?
  8. Favourite band/artist out of these?
  9. Favourite books?
  10. How far would you wanna go on a first date?
  11. Are you a virgin?
  12. Looks or personality?
  13. Which do you have more of?
  14. Favourite youtuber out of these?
  15. Rate?
  16. Comment?

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