Should you live in Australia?

Should you live in Australia? Find out if you should with this amazing quiz! It will test how much you know about Australia and it’s amazing thing! Please play this!

Play this please! I try making quizzes but they don’t become popular. Because other quizzes are really good! Please play this quiz! I think it will be good for you!

Created by: Kallis
  1. What is the cutest Australian animal?
  2. What city in Australia is the biggest?
  3. What is the capital city of Australia?
  4. What Australian archipelago is in tropical Queensland?
  5. Is Perth the most populated city in Australia
  6. What city is in the middle of Australia?
  7. Which 2 Australian cities battled for the capital city throne? But never got it.
  8. Tasmania has how many big cities?
  9. 80% of all Australian population lives on what side of Australia?
  10. Is Kangaroo Flat a city or a suburb?

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Quiz topic: Should I live in Australia?