How Aussie are ya?

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What is a true blue Aussie? Well someone born in Australia of course! If you weren't, let's see if you could actually hold down a conversation with an Aussie!

Would YOU fit in here in Australia? Take this quiz and find out if Straya is ready for you. We're a picky bunch with our own lingo, so do your best but no cheatin' mate!

Created by: Juggles

  1. If I offered you a cuppa and you said yes, what would you be getting?
  2. If I asked you to give me a 'fair suck of the sav', what am I asking for?
  3. If I asked you where the dunny is, what would I be asking for?
  4. If I said, 'Let's crack a tinny', what would we be about to do?
  5. If I asked you to come over this arvo, when would I expect you to arrive?
  6. If I told you I had the wog, what would I be referring to?
  7. What is the forth line of the Australian National Anthem?
  8. Who is affectionately known as 'Hoges'?
  9. What is a leckie?
  10. If I 'spat the dummy' at you, what would that mean?
  11. What is a digger?
  12. If I say we're going to Macca's, where are we going?
  13. What is an ocker?
  14. Translate this sentence: I think it's a bonza idea to jump into the shaggin' wagon and buy some amber fluid at the Bottlo but it'll cost big bikkies.

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