Would I date you?

Just a simple quiz. bhvgucdrserftghyujkhukhukjhukjhukkkklokj njbhgbvgjnfdsawerty bgf vfdswyhvbj hhyrdseyhkugn bjhvb njhtf vcftgmoihbvf cdfv (Only to fill the required amount of letters)

Would I date you. also beetle juice! Ready? Okay!Hi! I'll be your guideI'll be your G-U-I-D-E to the other side. So bored... So I made this. hope you like

Created by: arronpupper

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. what would be a dream date?
  4. if I asked you if looks matter
  5. What do you think of lgbtq+
  6. Rp time: My parents kick me out and I knock on your door asking if I can stay with you. What would you say?
  7. dog or cat
  8. If I was to come out as a different gender would you still like me?
  9. Fave color
  10. This is the end

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