Would I date you??

There are tons of couples all over the world, being normal or gay who cares to be honest?? But some couples will laast for ages others will be divorced after a matter of years

So you wanna know If I would date you? Do you sound like boyfreind material to me? Well now you can find out, by taking this quiz its quite detailed so you should get an accurate result. BTW I'M A GIRL :)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. Hair Colour
  2. Eye Colour
  3. I have quite a few animals are you okay with the following animals: Ferrets, Snake, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Hedgehogs?
  4. I play several sports: Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Rounders and Tennis and I also do trampolining. How many do you play??
  5. If so what do you play?? If you don't skip this question
  6. Is appearance or Personality more Important to you??
  7. This may sound vain but How slim are you (be honest, you don't have to awnser if you don't want to)
  8. I'm a bit of a fussy eater, would you be able to cope with this??
  9. My father died when I was 8 years old,so I get upset from time to time. How would you handle that situation??
  10. I'm very close to my mum and brother, but not so much my stepdad. Who are you close with in your family??
  11. I'm going to give you a description of me and you need to awnser yes or no. I'm 5"8, white in complexion, with Sandly Blonde hair and hazel brown eyes, I'm quite slim but my legs are quite muscular because of the amount of sports I do. My hair is often straight but naturally wavy...what do you think?
  12. My personality is: Honest, Protective, Out-going and lively (In the words of her 3 best mates)
  13. Do you try to always tell the truth??
  14. How often are you out with Freinds?
  15. Right pretend we are going on a date where would you take me??
  16. What would we talk about??
  17. Would you mind that if we dated I would ask you to spend at least one day of the week with me
  18. My Hobbies are: My sports, Hikking, Baking, Cycling and listening to my music. Do you have any the same as me?? (If it's more than one from the list just select the one you do most often)

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