would i date you4girls

There are lots of girls in the world only one thats right. try this quiz and spread it to your friends. we all are searching for that one person and few come across them.

Are you that one, would i date you? am i the one you have been looking for? you must try this quiz and spread it around. so what do you say, do want see if you can stop searching now?

Created by: Brody
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. hair color
  2. eye color
  3. number of friends
  4. how do others describe you andbe honest for good accuracy
  5. what kind of guy do you like
  6. im not rascist but skin color
  7. where would you go with me on our first date
  8. hair length
  9. im a popular guy,average height white skin dirty blonde and blue eyes funny athletic and kind i guess, so do you want to date me
  10. please show to your friends and rate honestly

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