would i date u? GUYS only that r 10 or 11 years old

There are many cute guys out there but the type of guy that i'm looking for is someone I can cry with, laugh with, share poetry with, make-out with...but you don't have to change just to be my kind of guy. Just be yourself.

Do I like you? Are you really MY type of guy I would go out on a date with? Take this quiz and find out if you are the right guy for me...but remember to just stay the way you are...:)

Created by: sylvia2245

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. since u r ten or eleven years old and don't know wat 2 pick at the top on, "what is your age", then just pick under eighteen years old. thnks!
  2. wat color hair do u have?
  3. wat color eyes do u have?
  4. incase u didn't know, i made the other quiz called, "wat color is your soul painted"
  5. r u emo?
  6. this question was in my other quiz but watever...r u creative?
  7. have u had any girlfriends in the past?
  8. do u kiss with TOUNGE??? wait did i spell that right??? ohhh watevas...
  9. if me and u were bf+gf, would u cry with me? :)
  10. would u ever cheat on me?
  11. do u write poetry? if we ever met would u read it 2 me and i'll read it 2 u like taking turns?...
  12. give me ur opinion of this poem that i wrote mostly about the type of guy that i'm looking for, "they have blue eyes that glow like the glowing moon...their hair goes over their eye to show that they are not afraid to show that they are a little scared..."
  13. i have brown eyes...is that a problem with u?
  14. respond 2 this...the twilight sun teardrop trail leads to the dark, mysterious, magical...place...a lot of people think of me as a creative person. look on my fb pg and it will also say that in the "about me" (i'm single!) ;)
  15. whoops! i forgot 2 add the other ones 2 question number 16....here r the rest...go over the question on number 16 if needed....
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