would i date u [for boys]

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try this fantastic quiz to see if u have what it takes to date me! boys only plz there is quizes like this fo girls u know thank u for acknowledging

do u have what it takes if u try this new quuz u will find out in a few minutes... so i will be looking forward to reading comments so drop me a idea or somthing guys!

Created by: Katie Lalonde 37
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. hey thatd me in the photo for this quiz, im a kinda tom boy.am i pretty 2 u?
  2. what ur favourite colour?
  3. if we were out at a restaurant and i told u the food hurt my stomach u...
  4. for christmas u get me...
  5. what do u like that i like?
  6. hey did u know i have a red streak in my hair? it turns blonde in winter!
  7. if some bullys r beating me up u...
  8. fav number?
  9. did u like the quiz?
  10. comment if u wanna date me im 12 almost 13 or comment for anthor reason

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