Would i date u? (boys12-15)

Hi, im liz and i got board so i decided to make this quiz. i am not looking for a boyfriend, but if ur good for me then u can get my email.

So just take my quiz or not i really dont care. but try please, u could be great for me and get a crappie score cuz u didnt try. so just take it...or not.

Created by: Liz456

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Most important question, are you a boy?
  2. Are u 12-15 years old?
  3. Do u like evanescence, nightwish, within temptation or in this moment?
  4. Are u short tempered?
  5. Im kinda paranoid, dose that bother you?
  6. Do u like history? (fyi i love history)
  7. Are you trustable?
  8. Would u be mean to me around your friends?
  9. I have dark brown hair, freckles, blue eyes is that ok? (some ppl r picky)
  10. Do u live in new england?
  11. Whats ur personality like?

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