would i be your gf? (guys 14-15 only)

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do you want a gf? are you read y to be back in a relation ship? i am. well take this quiz t see if i'd go out with you.i wnat certain stuff so don't get your hopes up.

so you want a gf huh? you aveto to be 14 or 15 and a guy to this. if you're a girl then thats nasty cause im nt going out with a girl. im 14 if you're curious about my age

Created by: sweatpea206

  1. are you romantic?
  2. what color hair do you have?
  3. what color eyes do you have?
  4. are you a cheater?
  5. are you a pervert?
  6. are you a little chubby?
  7. do play a lot of pranks on people?
  8. Are you mature?
  9. how tall are you?
  10. Are you a little bad?
  11. Are you nice?
  12. Do wear eye liner?
  13. do you have any freckles

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Quiz topic: Would i be my gf? (guys 14-15 only)