Would Billie Eilish like you?

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Hello avocados! Have you ever wondered if Billie Eilish would like you or not? Well now you can figure out! Please answer honestly and if you do, the first time you take the test will be your accurate answer!

Anyways, please answer honestly. If you choose all the answers you think SHE would pick, then you won’t get an accurate answer. Choose what you would normally pick if this wasn’t about Billie!

Created by: AvocadoYEET
  1. Which item out of all of these would you buy?
  2. Choose the very best food.
  3. Which of these colors is the best?
  4. What makeup is BEST?
  5. Best artist ever?
  6. Best name for a dog/cat/any pet?
  7. Music style?
  8. Best place to shop?
  9. What is your favorite out of all these songs?
  10. Choose a clothing style.
  11. Do you think Billie would like you? ( Does not effect score )

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