World Football Governing Body - Integrity Checker

Do you have the "integrity" to become the President of the World Football governing body? Do you have the longevity to qualify for that prestigious title no matter what the general public thinks of you? Until now you could only wonder but thanks to the draft version of the Splatter Integrity Checker, you can find out in minutes!

Do you have the credibility and support to hold on to a position where no body wants you? Are you thick skinned enough to ignore all common sense decisions in your bid for global domination of World Football. Find out if you have what it takes or if you fall woefully short of handling such pressure of this prestigious position

Created by: kwick1

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  1. Would you accept a "gift" to help you decide how to vote where the next World Cup should be held?
  2. How would you handle the current crisis in FIFA?
  3. How do you perceive women's role in football?
  4. How would you handle racism on the field of play or in the stands?
  5. Have you ever accepted a "gift" from a national governing body in football?
  6. Do you think football can be played in the desert in 50 deg Celcius?
  7. Do you understand the offside rule?
  8. Where are your favourite holiday destinations?
  9. How do you think a non-profit making organisation (allegedly) should communicate it's finances to the public?
  10. Who would you like to see as the next President of the World Football governing body?

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