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  • Lucas. nice.

    And good thing lucille is at the bottom cuz there was this girl in my school her name was lucille everyone called her lucy and she was bratty, stupid, showy, meany, and other bad traits

  • Lucas? That is actually a cool name. But one of my best friends name is Lucas so that would be weird if I named my kid Lucas and then my friend found out. Awkward!

  • Michael

    Michael. The name is not bad. I like two tv shows were one of the main characters name Is Michael!!!! And you don't like him, cha - ching$$$$$$!!!!!!!

    *JAW DROPS* MY CRUSH'S NAME IS MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS HEAD OFF*

  • Lucille? Hm, probably not since I don't like that name.

  • Do you guys know the show arrested Devolopment?

    Ezmer is awesome

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