witch zoo animal are you?

hello,i am guessing you want to know what kind of animal you are right? yea,i thought so,this quiz is a lovley one too *i have to wright some charactors*

which zoo animal are YOU? find out in a few minutes by ansering thirtenn simple questions,uuntil now you can only wonder what animal you are,but thanks to this quiz,bye bye wondering!!

Created by: bonnie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite sport?
  2. what do you enjoy in your free time
  3. ok,so say your all alone and running out of resourses,what would you do?
  4. so say that your shopping,and you have 100$,what would you buy?
  5. you are haveing a slumber party,what would be a activity
  6. whats your favorite god/goddess
  7. are you funny?
  8. are you cute?
  9. are you fun
  10. are you kind?
  11. are you smart

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Quiz topic: Witch zoo animal am I?