Witch twilight person are u

Um I'm so happy that I did this and this is based twilight wait if course u know it's on my tittle so I hope u enjoy this quiz and yah please do it it would mean a lot to me

Do u like animals?well me to So I have to go bye guys but first do u like vampires or werewolf? Me it's vampire so thank you this was very fun to do

Created by: Rose compree

  1. What character suits you the most
  2. Wich team u on
  3. What is your favorite activities?
  4. Whitch emotions would you prefer?
  5. Whitch one do u prefer
  6. Witch character would you date
  7. Witch character would date part two
  8. Where would you go on your honeymoon
  9. Who would you live with for your intire life?
  10. Who do u like better?

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