witch mlp are you

Do you want to know which my little pony you are? Your at the right place between rarity,raindow dash aka rd, or my favorite pinkie pie take this quiz

So you wonder right? well I do to! Take this my little pony quiz in a few minutes and you'll find out ! If I took this quiz, I would probably get pinkie pie

Created by: mlpsilverlove
  1. How do u feel about this quiz?
  2. What's ur fav color
  3. What's ur fav hobby
  4. If ur friend was hurt how would you help?
  5. Favorite color
  6. If you were a pony who would you be
  7. Are you hyper?
  8. See ya
  9. Do you like pinkie she's my fav
  10. Just kidding how do you feel about this quiz

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Quiz topic: Witch mlp am I