witch M&M are you

what do you think about being smart? is it cool like red? or not? do you like to handle things easly? or not at all?

i just did this quiz cuz i love M&Ms there awesome did you enjoy this quiz i hope you did and check out my other quizis i hope you like then too

Created by: lc4cat

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  1. so you little brother took your M&M pillow what do you do
  2. woah you just got asked by the new boy if you can study for your science test how do you react
  3. you come home after school tired and annoyed
  4. you are on your computer and you get a mean message from some one what do you do
  5. do you like school
  6. what do you do after school
  7. whats your favorite color
  8. how many packs of M&Ms do you eat each day
  9. do you like the M&M pillows
  10. just wondering did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Witch M&M am I