Winx Club: Real Winxers Quiz!

There are many wishers and wanters but you know what you really are! Take this quiz to find out what your INNER WINX Is!!!!!!!! Winx Club!!!!! Forever!!

Are YOU A WINX??? Find out here! Until now,you wanted to find what your INNER WINX Was! Nows your chance to find out!!! Go on...In a few minutes you'll find out...Go on! Push that button to begin!!!! ENJOY AND COMMENT!

Created by: bloom851
  1. Who's your favorite Winx???
  2. Of the Specialists,who would you go out with???
  3. When you have nothing to do you would:
  4. Who's your LEAST Favorite villan???
  5. Fav. Spell??
  6. R U A FAIRY????
  7. Fav. Winx Soundtrack from the list: (A Little Effect.)
  8. What's your favorite transformation so far? (Excluding 4KIDS. Nick only.)
  9. Would you date a Specialist of your choice???
  10. What do you think of this quiz so far??
  11. Will you comment so you can continue???
  12. I Love Winx! Right???????? And Check out: Which 5th Element Horse Are You Quiz?? (Last Question)

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