Which winx club member are you most like??

This is just a quiz to see which winx club member ur most like. Even though I'm 13 doesn't mean I'm to old for this I was bored and I loved the show when I was little and still do.

Please rate and comment I need suggestions for more quizes cuz idk what to do and this is my first quiz well idk what else to put so yeah....

Created by: Lilliey14

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  1. What is ur favorite of these foods?
  2. Which is your most favorite color?
  3. Which is ur favorite hobby
  4. Which is ur favorite animal
  5. Which guy is ur type
  6. Which winx would be ur best friend
  7. What is ur favorite movie type
  8. You love the most
  9. You hate the most
  10. Favorite music
  11. Favorite kind of shoes
  12. Which sounds like the coolest spell
  13. Who do you think your most like

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Quiz topic: Which winx club member am I most like??