Wings of Fire Super Quiz part 1

so this quiz might be a bit to easy but it's really fun and has a lot of questions.I hope you have fun. theres around ten questions per book and it's about the first ark so it's kinda long but if you know the books it should be super easy.

this quiz has a lot of spoilers in it so if you have not read all the books and don't like spoilers then you should try a different quiz. Thanks!!!!!!

Created by: EGL
  1. book 1. what tribe is NOT in the dragonet prophecy?
  2. where is the cave that the dragonets of destiny lived in?
  3. what did Clay see in the caverns when he was escaping?
  4. tricky question!! what was the name of the scavenger tsunami and clay saw? ( I promise I'm not making this up!!)
  5. who came after the scavenger?
  6. what did tsunami do to get away?
  7. what did starflight try to take with him when they were escaping?
  8. was anyone in the first book an animus?
  9. how did peril react to finding out kestrel was her mom?
  10. book 2 where did tsunami's egg come from?
  11. who was the second seawing tsunami ever met?
  12. who is in tsunami's family?
  13. who are the seawings allied with?
  14. What does anemone have to do when she did her training to show blister?
  15. what did tsunami say when whirlpool is teaching her aquatic?
  16. how do the seawings trap clay glory starflight and sunny?
  17. who attacks tsunami in the tunnel?
  18. what direction was the orca statue whan they ran to check on the eggs?
  19. what is the epilogue about?
  20. book 3. who killed the mudwing scouts?
  21. who was the first rainwing glory met?
  22. how many rainwing queens were there before glory took over?
  23. what was mangrove in line for (in line to meet the queen)?
  24. who was queen when the dragonets were at the rainwing kingdom?
  25. what DIDN'T they find in the forest?
  26. why did they fly to the ice kingdom?
  27. who did glory meet in the ice kingdom and who did glory impersonate to talk to them
  28. who captured deathbringer?
  29. who was capturing the rainwings?
  30. how did glory and kinkajou escape?
  31. who did glory pick to help her win the queens challenge?
  32. what were the five tasks in the queens challenge?
  33. did glory's team win?
  34. what was the epilogue about?
  35. book 4. who is starflight's sister?
  36. what is the name of the nightwing who got thrown into the volcano?
  37. who is starfllight's father?
  38. who are the alternate dragonets?
  39. what did morrowseer tell the alternate dragonets to do to starflight?
  40. how does starflight find the dreamvisiter?
  41. what is the dragonets second task?
  42. how did viper die?
  43. how did starflight and fatespeaker get into the rainforest?
  44. how did the rainwings invade the nightwing island?
  45. did the volcano explode?
  46. did morrowseer die and if so how?
  47. what was the epilogue about?
  48. book 5. who is the main character of book five?
  49. who is sunny's parents?
  50. who are the three nightwings that kidnap sunny?
  51. where did sunny bury the obsidian mirror?
  52. who is the sandwing that was guarding the gates to the scorpion den?
  53. which of the three nightwings did thorn kill?
  54. who took sunny to burn's stronghold?
  55. how did sunny escape burn's stronghold?
  56. where did sunny's dad, stonemover, live?
  57. what time of day did the dragonets ask everyone to come to the stronghold?
  58. who died first?
  59. how did burn die?
  60. how did blister die?

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