Wings of Fire how well do you know Starflight

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Hi my name is Zeldamaster0. I love wings of fire and The legend of Zelda Breath of the wild. I have read almost all of the books on Wings of Fire. I really hope you like this quiz!

This quiz is on the wings of Fire Character Starflight. There are spoilers. Also there is only one right answer for each question. DO not take this quiz if you have not read books 1-6.

Created by: Presley

  1. What tribe is Starflight from
  2. What is Starflights defect
  3. How did Starflight warn Glory about the attack
  4. What does Starflight like to do best
  5. How does Starflight Escape skykingdom
  6. What Does Starflight do when his friends are fighting
  7. Who is the dragonet that Starflight meets in NightWing kingdom.
  8. How does Starflight become Blind
  9. Whats Starlight personality
  10. What queen does Starflight try to convince the others to chose
  11. Who is Starflights crush.
  12. Does Starflight have teardrop scales near his eyes
  13. Whats Starflights Favorite clolor
  14. In what book does Starflight tell Sunny he loves her
  15. Does Starflight ever see queen Battlewinner
  16. Who princess does Starflight have to play in book 1 when the act out queen Oasis's death.
  17. Who were Starflights Parents
  18. Does Starflight agree to studying Rainwings.
  19. What is Starflights Job at Jade Mountain
  20. What does Starflight have in common with his father

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