Will your guild last?

This quiz is meant to help you measure the chances of your (or any) guild to last. By answering a few simple questions you will gauge what are it's chances of survival.

Answer the following questions honestly and based on your current guild situation. Try to not be overly emotional or too clingy, put your friendships and hatred aside. Don't cloud your judgment!

Created by: emily of Endless Gameing
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  1. How is the communication between Officers and GM?
  2. How is Drama Handled?
  3. Loot is distibuted...?
  4. Population wise how does your guild look?
  5. If you were to grade your guild on feelings, what would you give it?
  6. How would you grade your guild master's personality?
  7. How frequent are Guild Activities? (Raids/Heroics/RP Events)
  8. What is the Atmosphere like when you do such events?
  9. Does the guild "stick to its guns" on rules?
  10. How is the Communications between Leadership and General members?
  11. Does your guild honor and respect veterans over recent recruits?
  12. How often is there enough people online to complete the planned "activites"?
  13. Do you have "Key" players (if they leave they are hard to replace)?
  14. How often do you feel Unaccomplished?
  15. How would you rate your guild's support to "EVERY ONE"?
  16. How much fun do you have while doing Guild activities?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir guild last?