How well do you know Raging Fury?

How well do you know the guild Raging Fury? Are you a veteran member, a trialist, or even a friend with a member in Raging Fury? See how well you know the guild.

The longer you have been guilded with Raging Fury, the more you should learn about the guild, so this might help in your quest for knowledge of Raging Fury.

Created by: obsqura
  1. From when Raging Fury was created to March 06, 2008, what item has sold for the most RFP?
  2. On what day did Raging Fury get the first serverwide kill on Mayong Mistmoore?
  3. Who hasn't been a guild leader of Raging Fury?
  4. What class did Nineveh play?
  5. What type of class has Raging Fury had the least amount of members of total?
  6. Who is the most known for misstells?
  7. Which class is known in Raging Fury for afking the most?
  8. Which player has/had the surname of Blackmare?
  9. Which player has/had the surname of Hardbone?
  10. Which two players won the first two Gyro Cores for the boot slot from Breakneck?
  11. What place did Raging Fury come in when they killed Meldrath the Malignant for the first time?
  12. What server was Raging Fury originally created on?
  13. How many days after did Vishimtar the Fallen take to fall to Raging Fury after the first serverwide kill?
  14. Who isn't/wasn't a paladin in Raging Fury?
  15. Who isn't/wasn't a cleric in Raging Fury?
  16. From what country do most of the Raging Fury members come from?
  17. What is the primary language spoken in Raging Fury?
  18. In 2005, what country was the Summer gathering held in?
  19. Up until March 06, 2008, who is the youngest member of Raging Fury?
  20. According to March 06, 2008, how much are the on time snaps worth?
  21. According to the rules on March 06, 2008, how long is the minimum amount of time that a player is on trial for?
  22. Since Secrets of Faydwer was released until March 06, 2008, what type of item has dropped the most from named?
  23. What illusion do you normally see Ninan in?
  24. What race does Obsqura appear to be the majority of the time?
  25. According to the system on March 06, 2008 that is in practice, what type of bidding system does Raging Fury use?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Raging Fury?