Neopets Guild Quiz for Becca's HP Guild Thingy!

*This is the quiz where you sort yourself into your Hogwarts Houses. I hope you know what Houses are, because we aren't telling you. Eh, what the hey. You'll find out in question 3.*

The Houses are very complex, and the Sorting Hat can do it better than I can, but still....take this test, and you can discover your real destiny in Hogwarts.

Created by: Siobhan
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  1. You're a first year. The moment before the Sorting Hat touches you head you think:
  2. Your first test is coming up. You:
  3. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened! What do you do?
  4. The first Quidditch match of the year is coming up. What do you do?
  5. Did you like this quiz?
  6. What House do you think you're going to be in?
  7. Pop Quiz! What are all the founders' names?
  8. What are the House colors? (Sorry there's only one color for each House)
  9. What do you think of Quidditch?
  10. IT'S ALMOST OVER! How do you feel right now?

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