will your fantasy's that you day dream about come true?

i have a fantasy... do you? this quiz is to prove if your fantasy will come true or not... TAKE THE QUIZ. please please please please... i just needed something to say so yoh can take this quiz

is your fantasy gonna come true????? i sure hope so. i hope mine does too!!!!! so TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!! i think you are so cool and i really want you to take this quiz!!!

Created by: amazon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is your fantasy's so weird that they might never happen?
  2. what are your fantasy's about?
  3. have your fantasy's ever almost came true or something related to your fantasy came true?
  4. do you try to make your fantasy come true?
  5. does most of the things that happen go's good for you?
  6. if its about a boy/girl, does that person like you back?
  7. are you a free person (which mean you are cool and wild and let things happen)?
  8. are you pretty
  9. how much do you weight?
  10. are you popular?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir fantasy's that you day dream about come true?