will you win in a fight?

can you fight? you can ask yourself here but to mention try to be patient or you hit the monitor and cause damages. based on nothing except my useless brain!


Created by: LIND

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how often do you fight?
  2. how is your strength?
  3. can you even hit?
  4. which one do you prepare?
  5. just to know if you choose uhm... well you may get 100%.you know!
  6. this is the last question!
  7. kehahahah!I LIED!
  8. if your friend/best friend got bullied.what would you do?
  9. for the boys... a bunch of guys are harassing a super pretty girl. what will you do?
  10. last q was fun and didn't effect { affect} how do you feel?
  11. how many times did you win a fight?
  12. do you believe in fight back?
  14. my leg's thumb had accident with my desk!
  15. if you get beaten up what would you do?
  16. did you sleep on my quiz?
  17. did you laugh?
  18. do you show stress or begin to laugh in the middle of the fight?
  19. *sigh*
  20. THE END
  21. this is THE END

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Quiz topic: Will I win in a fight?