Will you survive on a deserted island?(part 3)

There are many people with surviving skill but only a few people who are definetely going to survive. what is a survivor? a survivor is a person who can use natural resourses for his own good, build a shelter from nothing and will fight to survive.

Are YOU a suvivor? Do you have the guts to qualify for that prestigios title? Until now you could only wonder but now thanks to my great quiz, you can find out in just a few minutes

Created by: bunniesrule

  1. So here I am making the third quiz, here we go, but first a random question: Do u like cupcakes?
  2. So ur all waiting patiently in the kitchen when suddenly theres a loud BOOM! it turns out that the place where ur mom broke a dish there is a crack but because of the storm, he crack widened and popped letting all the water leak into the kitchen.
  3. A second after the boom the water has filled the kitchen and u see that ur starting to float higher beacause of wearing the life jacket. all u see is water, water, water AND THE CAPTAIN TRYING TO OPEN THE LOCK!U try to swim towards ur amily but its no use, because since ur a lighter than ur parents the current is pulling u back! its pulling u inside the place where ur mom broke a dish, so pretty soon youll be loating in the sea! then u see that the current isnt only pulling u into the huge opening but that its pulling u towrds the shelves with the luguage! The suitcases r right before ur eyes but u can only take one of them. U see labels on the suitcases too, WATER BOTTLES, CLOTHES, CAMPING GEAR, and FOOD PACKS is what they read. U have one second to take a suitcase, which do u choose?(keep in mind that a peson can survive a week without food but i dont think youll need water in a sea)
  4. So u grab the suitcase u picked and suddenly, FAINT! The next thing uknow its daylight, ur sleeping on ur suitcase, and u cant see the ship. Over the next few days u watch exotic animals in the water, feed off some sandwiches in ur pocket and wait to see a sign of land.
  5. then on the third day, u see a seagull! a seagull means that tere is land near by! while its daylight u try to follow the seagull but pretty soon its night, ur tired and cant see the seagull. so u fall asleep. in a few hours u feel as if there is a stump in the water u wake up and see tat the suns rising, and ur suitcase hit LAND!
  6. ur so happy that ur on land that u stand up from ur suitcase and dance on the sand, but in a few minutes u see that an angry alligator is crawling out of a near by swamp and going ur way. u want to turn back and run into the forest when u see a huge spider web behind u. then u notice a small tree with a small gap that u just might be able to crawl through but if u do make it out then u will be in the forest with unknown creatures. where do u go?
  7. if u went into the crocidles jaws then he eats u, if u go into the spider web u get stuck and the crocidile eats u, if u go to the tree gap then u run into the forest but there is a starved pack of wolves who eat u, if u sit down and think then the crocidile eats u. if try to get off the island u suceed and decide to wait it over. then suddenly u remember what ur teacher told u about places with a hot climate: animals come out during the night because its too hot out in the day. so if u wait for the sun will be the hottest then there will be no animals out so u can finally figure out what to do!
  8. tell me which picture i shout put for this quiz
  9. im out of questions, press the first ok cuz its the right answer
  10. did u like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive on a deserted island?(part 3)