Will you survive on a deserted island (part 2)

If u had taken my first quiz youd know what this is about i dont really care if u havent but its still hard to do. so anyways u wanna know if youd survive? well guess

what not this time but this time there are some cool events that might determine your future. thsi quiz is just a follow up for the last quiz and doesent really mean anyhting.

Created by: bunniesrule
  1. Ok now were back to the quiz this time part 2. Random question: Do u like animals?
  2. Ok where were we oh yes. so u r playing a board game when u suddenly hear a loud crash. it came from the kitchen so u hurry there. Once u come in you see some broken glass and your mom standing frozen u also notice some water leaking from the floor.
  3. The captain hurries to the kitchen and later calms u down by saying that its just a broken glass and the water on the floor is just sea water that leaked onto the ship when the glass broke. he said he fixed it so there nothing to be afraid of.
  4. then u get called for dinner. u have salad mashed potatoes and a steak. after dinner u go to bed. you r still dreaming when u feel as if the boat is being rocked. u wake up and go into the captains room. the capain is sitting on his chair trying to control the boat. u ask him if everything is ok and he tells u that everything is fine. then u feel as a wave crashes against the side of the boat and thats when the captain grabs the radio.
  5. he keeps saying something into it but nobody responds. so he tells u to run into ur room and be ready to grab a life jacket.
  6. u get into ur room and climb into bed. u dont notice it when u fall asleep. u dream that ur in a forest with ur best friend. u see lots and lots of fruits on the trees so u decide to eat one. u grab a grape when u hear an annoncement "THE SHIP IS IN DANGER DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, ALL PASSENGERS ARE ASKED TO PUT ON THEIR LIFE JACKETS AND PROCEED INTO THE FRONT ROOM." so u quickly put on a life vest and hurry to ur parents room to wake them up. u get to their door and see that they r moving to a small room that u never noticed then they shout "_______ get over here didnt u hear the announcment?!" u nod and follow them. they lead u to the room and when u arrive u see that the captain is already there.
  7. he tells u that the boat might not hold everyone in this area so he tells u to meet him in the kitchen which is a more stable place.
  8. SO once u get to the kitchen u see that all the luguage is on some shelves that r over the table. the captain locks the door and tells u that this is just a storm so its easier to just wait it over here.
  9. ok now im outof questions just keep pressing ok.
  10. HA HA I lied i have a question. So ur sitting in the kitchen, when suddenly- CLIFFHANGER

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Quiz topic: Will I survive on a deserted island (part 2)