Will you survive a scary adventure?

This quiz is a very good quiz. It proves who you actually are. The results are very accurate and actual and realistic! Please take this quiz! I put lots of time into it!

Please take! I put lots of time into trying to make it realistic and accurate and fun for everyone! I promise this quiz will not waste your time! Please take!

Created by: Morgana

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  1. You go to the movies to watch something. (Anything! Really!) When the movie starts, you see a vampire sitting right next to! What do you do?
  2. You are walking through the Forest of Dangers because old mean Auntie has made you to "toughen up". On the way, you see a dragon, trying to claw and eat you and burn you with it's dragon breath. What do you do?
  3. Your at home, alone.It's midnight and you're on the couch, watching TV. A scary eerie noise came from under the couch. You...
  4. Your on the computer, on MSN/Facebook chatting to friends when, a scary face picture pops from the computer screen and says in a scary tone, "I'm after you..." What do you do?
  5. Your in bed, trying to sleep when a light comes from the walls of a shape of an angel. You...
  6. You and your friend are in a taxi car. The taxi driver suddenly turns around from the front seat at a red light. He shows he's vampire teeth. What do you do?
  7. You just found out your boyfriend/girlfriend was a half-fairy, half-werewolf, half-mermaid and half-goblin (Ugly combos) on your 2nd date! What do you do...
  8. You are suspicious of your friend that if he/she is keeping Medusa's Blood in their drawers. You...
  9. You're reading a book. (Any book! Really!)Suddenly, you flip a page and the book starts to fly with pages out of your reach! You...
  10. Your playing games on the computer when an ad comes up. GIRLS: The ad was about getting a manicure for free at Coffs Habor BOYS: It's an ad about blade blades getting them for FREE You click on the ad suddenly a scary music starts playing (You had your volume up 100%) A ghost pops up. You...

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a scary adventure?