How Long Would You Survive In a Thick Jungle?

You are an explorer and you go to a very deep dark jungle to explore. You find yourself stranded there, sad and alone. Its quite the adventure! How long can you stay there for? Find out in this quiz!

How long can YOU survive for in this jungle? This quiz is guarenteed to give you the adventure you have always dreamed of! If its not adventuresome enough for you, then you just plain weird!

Created by: Puppydog

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  1. You Find Yourself Stranded In a Dark, Very Thick Jungle. What Is The First Thing That You Do?
  2. You Decide To Set Up Camp First. Then You Realise How Hungry You Are. What Do You Do?
  3. You Eat An Animal That You Have Killed With The Stone. Suddenly, A Cheetah Appears. What Do You Do?
  4. You Managed Unexpectedly To Kill The Cheetah With A Branch. What Do You Do Now?
  5. You Think About Celebrating, But Decide It Might Attract More Horrible Beasts Like The Cheetah, So You Just Get On With Your Life Here. What Do You Do Next?
  6. You Decide You Need A Break And Relax. While You Are Relaxing, A Monkey Goes And Steals Your Loot. What Do You Do?
  7. You Have Your Loot Back Again, But Now The Monkey Is Your Sworn Enemy And Challenges You To A Fight.
  8. You Have Lost Your Loot Yet Again, To The Monkey. What Do You Do?
  9. You Make A Rude Face At The Monkey And Wander Back To The Camp, Where You Find That Bugs Have Eaten Everything You Own. What Do You Do?
  10. Ugh! Now There Are Dead Bug Guts Splattered Everywhere! How Are You Going To Clean This Up? If You Do...
  11. You Cleaned It Up And Rebuild Your Camp, Then You Realise How Hungry You Are. How Do You Get Your Food?
  12. You Get Some Food, Then You See An Elephant Coming Your Way. What Do You Do?
  13. You Train It And Ride It Deep Into The Woods, Where A Group Of Hyenas Scare It And It Bucks You Off And Into The Mud. You Are Now Deep In The Woods And Deep In mud, With A Group Of Hungry Hyenas Surrounding You. What Do You Do?
  14. You Have Only Nine Fingers Now. What Do You Do?
  15. Oops, That Leaf That You Used Had A Very, Very Dangerous Spider On It! What Do You Do Now?
  16. Phew, Glad Thats Over, And You Didn't Even Get Bitten! Great! What Do You Do Now?
  17. You Failed To Find Your Way Back To Your Camp, But Now You Are In A Friendly Village! What Do You Do?
  18. You Ask Where You Are And Find Its Friendly Vill And You Can Stay There Forever If You Like! Well You Can... Yes Or No?

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