how long would you survive in a zombie infestation

have you ever wondered how you would fare in a world of zombies? here's your chance to find out how long you'll live, and what to do if you don't.

do you have what is takes to survive Z-day? or are you just a wuss? either way, you need to take this test to find out. unless your a huge wuss!

Created by: logan gaughan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how is your expiriance with a gun
  2. how good of a shot are you
  3. how do you kill a zombie
  4. have you ever killed something
  5. your stuck in the open with zombies surounding you. you have only a can of bug spray, a lighter, and a knife. what do you do
  6. which wepon would you prefer
  7. what is your position in a group
  8. how many people will be in your group
  9. what is your choice building for a base
  10. can you cure being a zombie
  11. if you are out fighting, and a zomie infects you what do you do
  12. how do you plan to get food for your group
  13. what is the main goal you and your group will try to reach

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