how long will you survive WW2?

This is quiz about how long you will survive World War 2. Try to get a good score! Choose your answers wisely. Remember,this is a QUIZ. So you want a good score.

Will you survive the whole war or not even a day? Are you smart enough to survive World War 2? Until now you can only wonder. But thanks to this quiz you can find out!

Created by: Greg
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  1. Nazis are closing in on your fort. They are armed with rifles and bazookas. What do you do?
  2. You enter a old building. You have the feeling you are being watched. What do you do?
  3. A sniper shoots your friend in the leg. what do you do?
  4. There is a traitor on your team. He was not with you when your friend got shot in the leg.HE shot him in the leg! What do you do?
  5. Hitler is planing a bombing raid on your base. What do you do?
  6. Hitlers bombs have started dropping. What do you do?
  7. Your base is destroyed. What do you do?
  8. The Nazis have cornered you and your squad. what do you do?
  9. Hitler killed half of your squad! What do you do?
  10. It's near the end of the war.You are losing the war. How do you plan to win?
  11. It's getting intense in the battlefield! There are tanks are everywhere, and planes are speeding overhead. What do you do?
  12. Your men are dying out there! How are you going to heal them?
  13. Hitler is getting sick. What do you do?

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Quiz topic: How long will I survive WW2?