Which country are you from?

If you are from America or England, and you don't know where you are from take this test and finally find out! Are you as smart as the Japanese, or as Thick as the Americans?

I f you are reading this part you are a complete ****** bag with no life! I hope you turn out American you thick little American! If you want to prove me wrong, take this quiz!

Created by: anonymus tipster
  1. 5X10X0=
  2. If 3 boys were 8 years old, 10 years old and ? years old, and if you added their ages together you got 30, how old was the third boy?
  3. What is the capital of England?
  4. Their was a wall in Germany, splitting the country in 2. This wall fell down. What was the name of this wall?
  5. How many degrees are their in a full rotation?
  6. Which of these numbers are closest to pi.
  7. Which former vice president of the United states campains against Global Warming (and Manbearpig)?
  8. Which planet is 4th from the Sun.
  9. Which famous t-v commercial stars Barry Scott? hint: "hi i'm Barry Scott, and i'm here with new ............"
  10. Which of these is the correct spelling of an old Persian king?
  11. Which of the following animals is not endangered?
  12. If you leave at 6:30am and you return at 5:30 am, how long have you been gone?
  13. In which country do they eat cats and dogs?
  14. What is the capital of Austrlia?

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