will you survive a horror movie

do you think you could survive in a horror movir=e. well i'll be the judge of that. take this quiz and find the real awnser eill you be 1st one dead.

did you get survive if you did that is great if you did not boohoo by the way this is the same guy who made what type of gamer are you and zombie survival quiz please rate this and those and i hoped you enjoyed all of them and see you on my next quiz .8^):^(

Created by: william
  1. you hear a random phone ring without a caller I.D. what would you do
  2. you awnser your own phone WITH caller I.D. and you hear a spooky voice on the other line
  3. you hear the phone ringg agian what do you do
  4. your dog is barking at air
  5. you hear foot steps but your all alone?
  6. the whole upstairs is trashed but nobody is there
  7. your tv turns on when your not even next to the remote
  8. you see a dog that looks peaceful but blood is around its mouth like it ate someone and it is alone in the storm
  9. you see a hitch hiker in the rain
  10. you are on vacation and on the beach you a radio sayingg prisoners has escaped
  11. you see a man hiding a bloody kinfe what do you do
  12. you see a group of teen being stalked
  13. your driving you car then you hit a man but he is a killer and you dont know and nobody is around to see it
  14. last question who will most likley die first

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a horror movie