Will you pass the Naruto Chunin Exams?

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a genius is somebody who is smarter than most people and have a IQ in the 150's and they can build all sorts of things like cars and houses and phones

yeah I know this is exciting because I always thought being a genius was something very awesome to be but I dont mind not being a genius I know im not that

Created by: Aaron

  1. your 1st exam is 9 extremly difficult questions you have to cheat in order to get the answer but if u cheat u will be disquilifed what do u do?
  2. your still in the 1st exam and u get the 10th question which u can choose to take the 10th question or not but if u dont take it u will fail the chunin exams but if u take it and get it wrong u will not only fail the chunin exams but u cant ever take the chunin exams again what do u do?
  3. your in the 2nd exam and your teammate has been captured by the enemy and the enemy has a kunai knife to their head what do u do?
  4. your still in the 2nd exam and u and your teammate is fighting a enemy and your teammate cant move and your enemy throws kunai knives at u and your teammate what do u do?
  5. your still in the 2nd exam u have a scroll u think this scroll has information in it to help u pass the exam but your instructor told u not to open it what do u do?
  6. it's the 3rd exam preliminaries and u have to use your mind transformation jutsu on your enemy but if they dodge it it can cost u the match what do u do?
  7. it's still the preliminaries for the chunin exams and u have a enemy that's impossible for u to beat but their one weakness is smell what would u do to be them?
  8. u have now made it to the Final Round of the Chunin Exams after these last 3 questions we will decide if u become a chunin now the question is to tell me if u have used up all your chakra what would u do?
  9. your still in the final round and your enemy is someone who does long range combat which make it extremely diffcult for u to use your jutsu aganist them so what do u do?
  10. this is the the last question it's the last match of the Chunin Exams and u are fighting a enemy who can control sand to attack and defend himself with what do u do.

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Quiz topic: Will I pass the Naruto Chunin Exams?