Starfleet final examination

This is your practice quiz for your Exams in StarFleet, getting a 70 will give you a pass and any higher a better position in Starfleet. Remember to study when your exams come around.

Can you beat your score from last time, or did you already get 100%? Keep trying if not, when that exam comes around your sure to pass, if you pay attention.

Created by: Lisa
  1. Which race of aliens used their space craft to construct a huge weblike trap made of pure energy?
  2. What is the name of the Fabrinian computer in the episode For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky ?
  3. In The Day Of The Dove, the alien entity isolates all but _______ members of the Klingon and Enterprise crew.
  4. Who is the 'salt sucker' alien ?
  5. Which galaxy did the Kelvan's come from ?
  6. Which alien race invented the cloaking device?
  7. Which Federation star ship is manned completely by Vulcans?
  8. Orions male have _________ colored skin.
  9. Scalosian water has what affect on humans ?
  10. What race probably descended from Andorians?

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