Will you pass yuor exams?

The most ultimate quiz that will fortune tell what scores you will approximately get during your exams! The terrifying quiz that only requires 12 questions... Answer them with your best effort. Its just like a mini exam!

You need to find out your FUTURE... your future is worth investing in... Sorry! Just watchin' TV while typin' Now go! You're running late, do the quiz now!!

Created by: dragonslayer
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  1. What is 12345679 x 9?
  2. What happens when water exeeds 100 degrees Centigrade/Celsius?
  3. What color is a polar bears fur?
  4. What does UFO stand for?
  5. Are you going to answer 'no' to this question?
  6. What do plants use to make food for themselves?
  7. fghdfhfhfhhc
  8. Do you have a BF / GF?
  9. 27 x 11=?
  10. Are you prepared to know your answer?

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Quiz topic: Will I pass yuor exams?