Will You Have A Baby Boy or Baby Girl First?

Will you have a Baby Boy first or a Baby Girl first? Take my quiz, and find out. It's about 98 percent accurate, and I tried my best on this quiz. I hope you like it, and I hope you get the results you are looking for. (:

Just scroll down a bit and start the quiz. (: I hope you ike it, and I'm glad you chose this one. Once again, it's about 98 percent accurate and I tried my best. (: Enjoy!

Created by: Kaylyn Renae Jones

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which gender is most common in your family?
  2. Choose a baby shower theme (no effect):
  3. Which boy name do you like best?
  4. Which girl name do you like best?
  5. If you could, would you choose a boy or a girl?
  6. Do you have a boyfriend? If so, answer yes to this, and then answer the next question below. If not, answer no to this one and skip the next one.
  7. Which gender is most common in your boyfriend's family?
  8. Okay, I can't think of anymore questions so I will tell you about myself, lol. I'm 14, and I'll be 15 in August 2013, and I will become a Freshman in High School on August 21st, 2013. I'm tall, I have green eyes and brown hair, and I'm super friendly, smart, and fun. (:
  9. Ummmm.... haha. What's your favorite color? (This is just random, no effect on your results.)
  10. Byeeeeee! :)

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Quiz topic: Will I Have A Baby Boy or Baby Girl First?