Baby Delivery Service

Many babies are on earth, heck, you were once a baby! Everyone was! So that makes hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions of babies! Not to mention, loads are born everyday!

Do you want a baby but you're way to young? Don't want to wait? Don't worry! Here at the Baby Delivery Service, you can get a baby any time! No need to wait nine months, it'll only take about a day!

Created by: Precious
  1. What gender do you want your baby to be?
  2. What colour do you want your baby's hair to be?
  3. What colour do you want your baby's eyes to be?
  4. Pick a personality for your baby
  5. What are you planning to do with your baby?
  6. What are you planning to buy for your baby?
  7. How popular are you going to make your baby?
  8. How much time will you put aside for your baby?
  9. Here is a list of names that are suggested for your baby. Which one is your favourite? (Just to give you an idea, doesn't go towards answer)
  10. Your baby will be delivered soon, ok?

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