Will you get a partner ?

this qiuz is about love and just to testify that how much do you know about mating and friendship you know what i mean so be at your best i hope you didnt get bored hkitrjdhfhfhehvhs that what i mean help and me and speard this qiuz thansk very much sdflergkdfbkdrkteyroy o hrofb ower osd ksdvsdker

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Created by: abu bakar

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to share your time ?
  2. Do you like the opposite sex of you ?
  3. Are you brave enough to talk to the opposite sex of you ?
  4. Are you ready to compromise with your partner anytime ?
  5. Do you know how to get on very well with your opposite sex ?
  6. What do you prefer ?
  7. How far would you go for partner ?
  8. Do you always have cool idea going on in your mind ?
  9. how much would you spend on yout partners demands ?
  10. Do you care what your partner likes ?
  11. Do you care if your partner was already with someone else ?
  12. If your partner doesnt speak your language would you
  13. Are you easy to get in love with some you like ?

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Quiz topic: Will I get a partner ?