will you die in zombie apocalypse?

thank you for taking my quiz but truly sorry for last paragraphs i made a big mistake as the effect{affect} thank you for your forgivness and yeah i told you already that i am pre3 level of ili! so accept my apologize already and peace!

Created by: LIND

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you believe in zombie apocalypse?
  2. do you know guns well?
  3. do you know ho to use a cold-arm { knives.swords and...}
  4. do you trust everyone?
  5. if a zombie attacks you. what will you do?
  6. do know where to shoot on zombies?
  7. do you think i will survive? { doesn't effect on scores!}
  8. if your friend's stuck between a car and a wall. what will do you do?
  9. if someone say your life or you wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend/husband/kid/daughter/son and ..... what will you choose?
  10. anyway. how well do you think you are?
  11. by the way. sorry for my last exam.i was confused about effect{affect} score and still am! if it came wrong i am truly sorry! i don't still know that how to manage scores! if you've done quizes{right?} just explain it to me and sorry my english is not well. level's pre3!

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Quiz topic: Will I die in zombie apocalypse?