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  • This is the most illiterate, inaccurate and s---ty quiz ever! I went through pretty much all combinations and only one or two got "you will not be single". I understand the quiz is not supposed to be serious, but it could've been made a little better and more realistic.

  • will you be single forever
    Your Result: you will not be single

    even though you are not allowed to date yet whenever you are allowed you will findsomeone

    yes!!!! to tell the truth, even tho i'm not allowed to date if someone i like asks me i'm sooo gonna say yes.

    x aka mrlq x
  • This quiz is correct. Nobody likes me except my family members. Around me everyone is neutral. So I am neutral. And it is the main reason. Anyhow! I am OK. It is OK.

  • Well I can't date until I'm 15 yrs old and the guys on my school don't like me just as a friend :'( . but I wouldn't stay single for long.

  • im not allowed to date yet and ppl keep asking me out!!! i will not be single!!! yay!!! and i have said yes to some1 but i was stupid and said that i shouldnt even be going out with them and we roke up a day later and he said we'll go out when i can date

    • Hi its been 10 years since you post this comment, hows your life now?

      Mother Jean

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