Will you be rich or poor???

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Would you want to know if you will be rich or poor? Well take this fabulous quiz and find out for yourself............... This quiz will determine if you will be rich or not..

I have nothing else to say so I will type in gibberish gtftyyhubgvfcddssedecvghfeeedeftyhuhfrdesedrftgyhhbgfdeseefggbnuhbfrdesetbbhjujuhygtfrdedrfhymjmjnbvrcddexex3b(nununujuumyhuj Please don’t take the gibberish to far and try to pronounce it it will take to long and you won’t be able to take this awesome quiz

Created by: Makayla
  1. What do you think about money????
  2. What do you look forward to in life
  3. Are you rich or poor right now???
  4. What do you care about most
  5. What do you do most
  6. What do you want to improve about yourself
  7. How frequently do you get bored
  8. Would you rather eat 100 burgers in less than a hour for $1000 or eat 15 burgers in less than a minute for $100
  9. What is you favorite color
  10. This is the end of the quiz did you like it?

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Quiz topic: Will I be rich or poor???