Will you be my companion 2

What Knight do you think you are? It will be great for you to find out. I created this quiz for only brave knights. Have fun taking this quiz. I hope you enjoy.

This will be a fun quiz because you will find out which knight are you. I hope you enjoy this quiz. You'll be my next companion. And I put an effort to this quiz. :-)

Created by: Apocalypse
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  1. While we're riding on our horse, And we're hungry, we have only $100 dollars, What will we buy?
  2. We found our selves in Camelot City, We saw a demon we killed it then more demons coming, what weapons will you use?
  3. Again, we found our selves in Norway. It's getting dark. What will we do?
  4. Let's put a twist on this quiz, our horse could transform into any animal including a dragon and we're riding on our dragon and we saw a sinking ship and we saw a lady, Should we save her?
  5. Then we saved her, she introduced herself to us Her name was Elsa, she's asking to take her to her castle. She said "I owe you guys my life" And we said "You're welcome my lady" Should we take her to her castle?
  6. After we took her to her castle, She introduced her sister Anna And the Sled rider Kristoff and the reindeer Sven. They introduced themselves. We said "hello everyone!" What will we do after that?
  7. What's your personality?
  8. Do you like this quiz?
  9. Are you excited for results?
  10. What Knight do you want

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Quiz topic: Will I be my companion 2