will you be fit , or fat

you are smart not dumb : no not dumb. you are really really smart :)

your a genius not dumb very smart and very wise but dont say you are a nerd ok .... a brainy person

Created by: katie coyne of candy cake
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how much .... do you exersice a day ????
  2. do you eat five , fruit and veg ????
  3. do you like tomatoes ???
  4. why do you hate fruit and veg ????
  5. do you eat alot of junk food ?????
  6. are you die ??????
  7. are you fit ????
  8. i hate sweet ?????
  9. do you hate fat sandwiches or love them ?????
  10. how fat are you ?????

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Quiz topic: Will I be fit , or fat