How smart are you ?

In this very large world, there are those who are smart, those who are average, and those who are dumb. So you ever wondered which one of those three U R ?!. ( Note - This is 4 kids of about 11 or 12 ).

So which one of those r u ? Smart, average or dumb ? After uv taken this quiz, I will give u a grade and I will give u some comments about the grade uv recieved.

Created by: Chester Cogley

  1. In what years did the war take place ?
  2. At what age are you aloud to drink alcohol in front of your parents ?
  3. Where does the semi colon come in the sentence - My dog's sleepy that was a long walk we went on ?
  4. What is the lowest fraction : 1/2 2/4 3/8 ?
  5. Name one of these statements ( 3 of them are true )
  6. Translate this into French - Bart has two little sisters who are called Lisa and Maggie.
  7. What illnesses does the lack of decent water cause people to suffer in poor countries ?
  8. What is your year group ( UK )
  9. What is your year group ( USA ) ?
  10. What grades do you get for attitude ( on average )
  11. Rate this quiz ( 5 is good, 0 is bad )
  12. Honest ?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I ?