Will You Be Famous,Normal Or Poor?

There Are Many People In This World. Some Are Poor, Some Are Normal And Some May Be Famous! The Truth Is, Who Would Be? For Your Clever Mind, I Put You In The Shoes Of A Quiz That May Challenge Your Brain Or You Think The Answers Are Really Easy. Do You Know What Im Talking About?

Well, Now You Know, Will YOU Be Famous,Normal Or Poor? How Will You Spend Your Lifetime on earth? Until now you could only wonder. But Thanks to this great quiz, you are gonna find out in a few minutes as long as you say Super Strong Streakers 5 times each.

Created by: Frida K. Gutierrez
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Kind Of Place Are You Most Comfortable With?
  2. What Kind Of House Do You Want To Live In?
  3. What Do You Do On Your Free Time?
  4. How Will You Describe Yourself?
  5. Trivia Time! What Channel Do You Rather Watch On Your Television?
  6. Next Question! What Do You Do Alot On Your Computer?
  7. Where Do You Like To Go On Your Free Time?
  8. Where Else Do You Spend Your Time At When You Have Extra Credit?
  9. What Kind Of Food Do You Like To Spend On?
  10. Final Question! What Do You Like To Read?

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Quiz topic: Will I Be Famous,Normal Or Poor?